Energy management services

A sensible, sustainable approach to energy management

Reaching your energy efficiency goals is challenging if

Your buildings are old.
Your tenants don’t all care about conserving energy.
Your equipment is too expensive to replace right now.

It is what it is.


You can have an energy consultant who understands the realities of the real estate market.
Who will help you make smart decisions.
Who will create an energy plan that shoots for long-term sustainability but also saves you money right now.

Our services support your business goals

Improved operational efficiency

Whether you’re operating industrial plants, schools, commercial or multi-family properties, it’s nearly always possible to run your operations more efficiently.
We’ll work with you to determine exactly

We’ll gather data about your property’s usage by analyzing your utility history, performing on-site audits, and employing diagnostic tools like the EZ Sense sensors. Then, with your input, we create a plan of action that’s in your best interest.

Because energy management must work alongside your greater business goals.

Financing for your upgrades

Changing a lightbulb? Upgrading equipment? Embarking on a full-scale construction project? Wait — don’t wire over the money just yet!

We can often help you get

Whether you’re installing LED, solar, insulation, or anything energy-related, there’s a good chance that incentives can help you fund it. And if not, we can help arrange for an unsecured loan that will allow you to make payments from your monthly savings.

From our client files:
This NJ office building made a $4.5 million capital improvement, with $0 out-of-pocket cost, and netted 45% energy savings. See details

Accurate classification and billing

Are you paying too much for your energy?
You’ll never know if you don’t fully understand your bill.
Good news is, you can leave it to the experts.

EZ will analyze your bill and determine:

We assess this info and correct any issues we find. Then we file a claim on your behalf with the utility or supplier. You pay us nothing unless we get you actual cash back or savings.


How’s that for a win-win?

Energy supply independence

Let EZ be your personal shopper for energy — because it’s all about saving you money.
We won’t just sell you a contract and call it a day.
We’ll take a good look at how you use energy and then shop around, comparing utilities and suppliers, in order to get you the best rates possible.
You’ll get a plan that is systematic and data-driven. The proof? It’s in the outcomes.
See, if you have many properties, you may end up with multiple contracts, each ideal for the properties they serve.
Because your bottom line is our top priority.

Any of these services spark your interest?

Have other energy-related questions on your mind?

You’ll discover a friendly and knowledgeable agent waiting to help you.

How a 500K square foot NJ office building earned 45% in energy savings with a $0 outlay

The challenge:

The HVAC system was 30 years old. Equipment was failing and clearly would not make it through the upcoming summer. To make matters worse, the building management system was hopelessly outdated, with thermostats and ventilation controls being managed manually. It was inefficient and time-consuming, to be sure.

The solution:

After running a complete analysis of the building’s requirements, we recommended they replace the rooftop units and upgrade the control boxes. This resulted in more precise temperature control, reduced compressor wear, and lower energy consumption by system fans, in addition to less fan noise and more passive dehumidification. We also suggested comprehensive retrofitting of all the lighting in the building to modern, energy-saving LED lighting technology.

The best part!

While these improvements were costly, the client paid exactly nothing out of pocket. EZ secured a NJ clean energy grant which covered the first $1M. We then arranged financing for the rest, with the payments coming completely and only from the 45% savings. The balance will be paid up in less than 5 years, after which the savings will go directly to the client.

How a 68K square foot property got 30K wiped off their account

The challenge:

When the new management of Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas received a debt collection notice for more than 80K on behalf of their electric supplier, they were dismayed. They soon realized that in the process of transferring management, there had been an oversight, and the electric bill hadn’t been paid for 4 months. For the 68K SF cluster of properties, where summer months can see usage topping 160 kw/H, it amounted to a huge outlay.

The outcome:

When we were made aware of the debt our client was facing, we offered to negotiate on their behalf. After all, they’re a non-profit, with a limited budget. With EZ Energy acting as a go-between, the third-party supplier came to the table, and eventually agreed to waive 30K off of the yeshiva’s debt! What a relief!

The takeaway:

A client is a client is a client.
When any of our valued clients face an energy-related issue, even if technically we are not responsible for the problem, our doors are open. We’ll do our best to help in any situation!